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Hole by Hole Tour

Hole by Hole Tour

Hole by Hole

hole01Hole 1

The first hole is a challenging dog leg left with the green surrounded by bunkers.

Tip: The 1st hole requires an accurate tee shot with the best line being half way between the lone tree in the fairway and the corner of the fir trees defining the out of bounds on the left. The ideal distance from the tee would be approx 220 yards leaving you approximately 150 yards to the green. If you are a longer hitter then the ideal line is over the row of first firs carrying the ball 240 yards through the air this will then leave a good line into the green with a short iron.

hole2Hole 2

The second hole is stroke index 2 and one of the hardest holes on the course a bogey 5 scored on this hole is by no means disasterous.

Tip: The hole requires a long straight tee shot avoiding trees and out of bounds on the left with three fairway bunkers down the right hand side. Once the tee shot is negotiated the second shot requires accurate club selection depending on the pin position being on the lower or upper tier.

hole03Hole 3

The third hole is a long par five with two sets of strategically placed fairway bunkers, the first set to catch the tee shot and second set to catch the second shot.

Tip: The tee shot needs to be placed either short of the first set of fairway bunkers or go for the big one to carry the bunkers which could enable you to carry the next set of bunkers on your second shot. The green is guarded by two bunkers and the third shot requires accuracy to get close to the pin.

hole04Hole 4

The 4th hole had a new tee built from 438yards in March 2012. The Par was changed from a easy Par 5 to a tough Par 4 on the recommendation from the HGU & EGU course accessment carried out in the Summer of 2011.

Tip: The tee shot needs to favour the left side as there is out of bounds all the way down the right hand side of the hole. Favouring the left side all the way up the hole allows for a better line into the green which is well guarded by green side bunkers.

hole05Hole 5

The 5th hole is Test Valley’s very own postage stamp par 3, although it is the shortest hole on the course it can play one of the hardest!

Tip: Club selection is all important on this hole with such a small target if you pitch it short of the green you are in the hands of lady luck depending on the bounce. If you select the correct club and pitch the green a well struck shot will hold and a chance of a birdie two beckons.

hole06Hole 6

The 6th hole is a downhill par 4 with bunkers left and right so a good tee shot is required to hit the fairway.

Tip: The tee shot needs to favour the right side as the fairway falls from right to left. The type of second shot played depends on the pin position. If the pin is on the top tier then a low running approach is required to try and run the ball up the slope. If the pin is on the lower tier then a high shot is ideal to stop the ball close to the pin. Whatever you do don’t go long as this leaves an impossible shot.

hole07Hole 7

The 7th hole is a tricky par four with out of bounds down the right side and 5 fairway bunkers to catch a slightly off line tee shot.

Tip: A good tee shot is essential to avoid the 5 bunkers on this hole, either you lay up with a club to hit the ball 150 yards or you hit a longer shot to clear the fairway bunkers. The big hitter may have a go at the green but slightly off line can be disastrous. The green is guarded either side by two deep bunkers. The green itself has a huge right to left slope so even the smallest of putts are by no means straightforward.

hole08Hole 8

The 8th hole is an excellent par 4 with numerous ways to play it.

Tip: Decision time either lay up short of the fairway bunkers and the first hazard with a club that will hit the ball 190 yards. Alternatively hit a longer club that will fly the bunkers at about 230 yards this will then leave a nice pitch into a very receptive green that slopes up from front to back. With two water hazards this hole is regarded as one of the best on the course.

hole09Hole 9

The 9th hole is a tough par three slightly up hill and well guarded by four bunkers to the left and right.

Tip: The hole is there for you to see club selection should take into account a slight incline and allow for the wind. Once ready trust your swing and the large green awaits you. The green slopes up from front to back so is very receptive.

hole10Hole 10

The 10th hole is a tricky par 4 with water to avoid and a narrow green to play your second shot to.

Tip: The tee shot must be aimed down the left side of the hole to avoid the water hazard and leave a good line in to a narrow green that is well guarded by four green side bunkers.

hole11Hole 11

The 11th hole is one of the toughest tee shots on the course. There is a marker pole helping you hit the fairway.

Tip: Aiming at the marker pole will ensure you hit this narrow fairway if you miss the fairway you will almost certainly be blocked out by trees. If you are successfull and hit the fairway the second shot requires good club selection as the green runs away from you and is hard to keep the ball on.

hole12Hole 12

The 12th hole is a par 5 stroke index 1 the hardest hole on the course due to its length.

Tip: The 12th requires 3 very good shots to get on the green. The tee shot is slightly up hill, the second shot requires you to hit your ball short of a fairway bunker and avoiding the trees on the left. The third shot then needs to be accurate avoiding the greenside bunkers.

hole13Hole 13

The 13th hole is a gentle par three with a large green to aim at and has had a brilliant new elevated tee put into play.

Tip: The 13th requires a medium iron ensuring your ball pitches on the green so as to stop the ball close to the pin. If a ball is pitched short you risk the ball bouncing through the green and if you leak it to the right a large greenside bunker awaits.

hole14Hole 14

The 14th hole is a long par 5, from the championship back tee it measures over 600 yards long, many members say that you tee off in the village of Micheldever and putt out in Overton!

Tip: You must hit a good tee shot here to enable any chance of hitting the green in three shots. The fairway is straight in front of you but does slope from right to left. The green is well guarded by greenside bunkers and if you are not close enough for two shots the third shot could be a blind one only just seeing the top of the flag.

hole15Hole 15

Test Valley’s signature hole is the 15th, this lovely par 4 has two fairway bunkers to avoid and a great shot over water, together with the hampshire contryside as a back drop it is very picturesque.

Tip: The tee shot is a decision do you lay up short of the bunkers leaving 150 yards over water or do you go for the big one over the bunkers to leave a short shot in, the decision is yours. The green is on two tiers therefore attention must be paid to see where the pin is before you play your second shot. There is plenty of danger on the second shot, under hit and you will be wet, pull or push you will be in the bunker and go long leaves you an impossible pitch down the green. Good Luck!

hole16Hole 16

The 16th hole is the start of three very tough holes to finish the course a par 3 on this hole is a bonus.

Tip: The 16th green is a big target but needs to be because at 200 yards plus from the back tees a fairway wood or long iron is required. The hole is up hill and directionally it is a good idea to favour the left side to avoid a large greenside bunker on the right of the green

hole17Hole 17

The 17th hole is stroke index 3 and a very demanding par 4.

Tip: This penultimate hole takes strength of character, all down the left is a thick hedgerow and down the right is troublesome rough. A long straight tee shot may well get far enough to get down the slope thus giving you a short iron in. If the tee shot is not long enough then due to the length hitting the green in two shots is a challenge.

hole18Hole 18

The 18th hole is an excellent par 4 finishing hole with water on the right two fairway bunkers and trees if you are farther off line.

Tip: The tee shot requires threading past the bunkers, water hazard and trees. This then sets up an inviting second shot in front of the patio and clubhouse to the green which is set down slightly ensuring the ball will stop quickly. The stray second shot may well end up in the deep greenside bunkers so beware!